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5 Reasons Gleniffer Lake Is the Perfect Spot for Retirees

There are a million different ways people can dream of spending their golden years, from fishing on lazy afternoons to traveling to beach destinations in the winter. So why is it that Gleniffer Lake attracts so many retirees during the warm Alberta summer months?

Well, it would be tough to speak for all of them, but having gotten to know so many people who live here personally, here are what I consider to be the top five reasons Gleniffer Lake is the perfect spot for retirees:
It’s close to their grandkids. We are situated right between Calgary and Edmonton, and less than an hour and a half away from each, meaning that we are close to a lot of kids and grandkids.

The summer weather is perfect. As the saying goes, it’s not too hot and not too cold. With sunny days that warm you without being overwhelming, it’s one of the best places to enjoy a long summer day.

You can enjoy a quiet day, an active one, or both! While this lake resort is a fantastic place to get away from noisy city life, there’s something for everyone to do. Grown-ups enjoy the golf and tennis courts, while kids love our swimming pools, hot tubs, and even boating on the lake. There’s even plenty of family-friendly nightlife.

We have lots of different types of properties available. Everybody’s idea of paradise is different, and so are their budgets and individual needs. From large homes to cottages and even camping spots, we’ve got properties for any retiree looking for the perfect summer spot.

Development is restricted, so you’ll never be too crowded. At Gleniffer Lake, we’ve come to realize that small and personal beats big and crowded every time. For that reason, we restrict new building and development throughout our community, so that our guests can always enjoy their little slice of paradise without having to worry about too many people and crowds.


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