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Does Gleniffer Lake Have the Best Boating in Alberta?

There are a lot of reasons people of all ages come up to Gleniffer Lake – some of the biggest I detailed in a previous post about what makes Gleniffer Lake so special – but boating remains one of the most popular. For me, it’s easy to understand why: Not only is spending a day out on the lake a fantastic time, but we have what I would consider to be the best boating area in all of Alberta.

How can I make that claim? Here are a few of the reasons:

We have an accessible location. Given that you can drive here in under 90 min. from either Calgary or Edmonton, it’s tough to think of too many other lake resorts that are as convenient to get to.

Our water is deeper. At more than seven miles wide and 90 feet deep, we don’t just have one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Canada, but one that offers fewer weeds and obstacles than virtually any other.

Glennifer has less boating traffic. Because building has been restricted in our area to preserve the natural beauty, families who boat enjoy more open space on the water, rather than a crowded and dangerous lake.

We have a lot more than just boating. Whether you’re camping, renting a cottage, or staying for the summer, you’ll want something to do after you tie your boat up on the dock. That’s where our golf courses, swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, and variety of restaurants and bars come in.

There are a lot of great and beautiful places all across Alberta, and some great spots for boating throughout Canada. But if you’re looking for a convenient spot in a natural setting, and one that offers so much more to do with the rest of your time, then you can’t do any better than Gleniffer Lake.

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