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What’s So Great About Gleniffer Lake?

Being that I’m the most prominent realtor around Gleniffer Lake, and this beautiful spot is one of my favorite conversation topics anyway, I thought a great way to start out this blog would be with a few thoughts about why so many of us love it up here.

In other words, I want to answer the one question that might be on a lot of your minds right up front: What’s so wonderful about Gleniffer Lake?

Well, this is a topic I could go on about for hours, but here are a few things anyone thinking about buying a property here – or even just coming up for a visit – should know:

It’s hard to beat the location. Under an hour and a half from both Calgary and Edmonton, we’re just far enough away for you to escape it all, but close enough that it’s easy to drive up for a weekend or a few days.

We have some of Alberta’s best boating. Because our water is deeper, you don’t have to worry about weeds being a problem. Plus, Gleniffer Lake has much less boating traffic than a lot of other recreational properties, meaning you can spend your day having fun, not avoiding other boats.

You can have nature and quiet, or fun and excitement… all in the same day. Where else can you enjoy a serene, peaceful lake setting, and then head out to a variety of restaurants and bars in the evening? Whether you prefer peace and quiet or a little fun on the town, we have something for everyone.

Glennifer Lake has all the resort amenities you could dream of. Golf courses, heated swimming pools, tennis courts, and even hot tubs can be enjoyed by our guests. Whatever you need to relax and kick back, you can probably find it here.

The people make this place special. As great as all of these other things are, what really makes our community special is the people who come to live and visit. From seniors to kids, Gleniffer Lake is the perfect place to make new lifelong friends!


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    Indeed, it is pretty good :)

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