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Having a Vacation Home is Great… Actually Owning it is Better

A common question that comes to me, as the leading realtor for Gleniffer Lake, is whether our properties are actually owned, or if they’re only leased from a third party. So, to clear things up once and for all, let me assure anyone who is interested that all of the real estate you buy here is 100% deeded ownership, which includes both the land you purchase and the buildings on it.

If this isn’t a question or issue that someone has raised with you before, know that it could be more important than you would think. Here’s why: Some resort areas work more like condominiums than actual homes. That is, you might own a house or RV that sits on a property, but when it comes to the actual land itself, that remains the property of the development, company, or municipality.

What does that mean to you, as the vacation homeowner? That for as long as you intend to keep coming back and own property in that location, you are obligated to make regular payments (usually yearly) to the real property owner. Worst of all, most leasing agreements contain a clause that states that you could be removed at the lease holder’s discretion, particularly if they decide to build a different structure on your land.

There are probably times and situations when that kind of arrangement makes sense, but I know I sure feel a whole lot more comfortable knowing that no one is going to pull the land out from under my vacation cottage. So let me reiterate that Gleniffer Lake properties are 100% deeded ownership, and add that development in our area is restricted, meaning that we’ve taken steps to prevent overcrowding and keep our lake resort community at the perfect size.

There are a lot of reasons to choose to purchase real estate in Gleniffer Lake, but one of the biggest is that you can actually make a true purchase here in the first place.

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