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Gleniffer Lake: Where the Residents Ride in Style

There are a lot of things that people love about Gleniffer Lake‘s unique setting – like our long, warm summers, the beauty of one of Alberta’s only major lakes, a golf course with numerous tennis courts attached, and the fact that we are less than an hour and a half from both Calgary and Edmonton.

One thing that does catch quite a few eyes, however, is our particular mode of getting around. As you may have already noticed from our website’s gallery, people don’t drive on our streets… or at least they don’t drive cars. Instead, Gleniffer Lake residents get around in golf carts, ranging from the simple to the deluxe (as is the one we use here at Paradise Realty).

There are a lot of reasons we choose to ride in style with golf carts, especially that they are safer and less expensive, and nothing in Gleniffer Lake is ever terribly far away. But there is also one more reason that is often overlooked: They are just lots of fun!

Slowing down and taking to the streets in a golf cart is a great way to enjoy yourself and contribute to the small-community vacation home feel that so many of us have come to love over the years. In other words, just one more quick reminder that we are very far from the hustle and bustle of Calgary and Edmonton… even though we could be there in just over an hour.

If you don’t already know why having streets full of golf carts is so much fun, I encourage you to come and check out Gleniffer Lake today. It might just give you a new perspective on your daily commute!

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