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Why Gleniffer Lake Makes So Much Sense For RV Owners This Summer

Aside from our wonderful vacation cottages, Gleniffer Lake features a number of bare lots designed for couples, families, and retirees who want to visit us in campers and RVs. In recent years, these spaces – which are available by the night, the week, the month, or even the summer – have become a lot more popular…

And I suspect that we’re going to see more RVs than ever this summer.

The high price of fuel is convincing a lot of folks who would otherwise head farther away to set up camp to spend time closer to home. And if history is any guide, most of them are going to love it and decide to stay. After all, why spend weeks – and thousands of dollars – driving throughout Canada and beyond when one of the most beautiful places on earth is only 80 miles from Calgary city limits? Even British Columbia, which is close by RV standards, doesn’t hold a lot of draw when you consider that we have boating, golf, nightlife, and so much more.

Another reason that a lot of RV owners are deciding to stay closer to Calgary and Edmonton is to spend more time with their families who might not have the time or flexibility to travel long distances. It’s not unusual for us to see three, or even four, generations of the same family enjoying the boating or outdoor sports we have at Gleniffer, and the fact that people are taking shorter, more economical vacations probably means those trends will keep up for quite a while to come.

If you haven’t already brought your RV up to Gleniffer Lake for a stay, we invite you to come and try us out – even if it’s just for a few days. We’re betting that once you get a taste of our wonderful setting, and meet the people who make our lake resort community so great, there’s a good chance you’ll decide to stay for the summer. And in that case, you won’t just be saving money… you might also have a better time than you would have thought imaginable!

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