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Don’t Miss Out on Your Dream Property in Gleniffer Lake

As August rolls in, the temperatures are rising up here at Gleniffer Lake… and so is the real estate market. Of course, this is a normal phenomenon for this kind of the year – the lake looks so beautiful, the boating is fantastic, and families are having a wonderful time – but buyers seem to have a little extra zip in 2011. There are a lot of reasons we could point to (and I’ll be sure to spell some of them out in an upcoming post), but at the end of the day, this is a fantastic place to be in the summer. Who needs a better reason than that?

For the regular, full-time residents, the spike in interest in Gleniffer Lake properties has meant some new faces and making new friends. For new real estate buyers, and especially those from Calgary and Edmonton investing in a vacation home, it means decades of family fun and enjoyment to come. But what about everyone else, those who are still looking for the right Gleniffer Lake property, or dreaming about having a cottage or RV lot in one of Alberta’s most picturesque locales?

If you fall into one of those groups, my advice would be simple: Don’t wait too long to come see us, or to decide to invest in your vacation or retirement dream. With more and more people taking notice of our wonderful weather and amenities, properties aren’t lasting as long as they used to, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before real estate prices in the area go up. And most of all, remember that development in and around Gleniffer Lake is very limited. That’s a great thing if you love the summer fun here, but bad news if you’re hoping to get a great property at a low price in the future!

Interested in having a summer home and vacation spot on one of Canada’s most beautiful lakes? Contact Diane Bender, Gleniffer’s number one realtor, today to find out how easy and affordable it is to own a piece of paradise.

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