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One Reason Gleniffer is Getting Better All the Time

With hundreds of happy families enjoying some of Alberta’s best boating, golf, tennis, and outdoor life, it’s not really fair to call Gleniffer Lake real estate a “hidden treasure” anymore. Still, more and more Canadians searching for a summer home or vacation spot have been coming up and pointing out some interesting things to me. They are all impressed with the beauty, family-fun atmosphere, and nightlife, of course, but also the convenience that having a vacation home on Gleniffer Lake brings.

The reason is pretty simple: An investment in Gleniffer Lake real estate is so much more convenient – in terms of time and money – than they are able to find elsewhere. Sure, there are other lakes in Alberta, but how many that are deep enough for boating, allow you to go into the water without getting swimmer’s itch, and lie less than two hours from Edmonton and Calgary? A family can literally finish work and school on a Friday afternoon, and then be settled in by early Friday evening to enjoy a long weekend in the sun and water.

In the past, it wasn’t unusual to hear about people looking for a weekend or vacation properties in places like British Columbia, or even south in the United States. But given that long drives quickly become tiresome, fuel prices are higher than ever, and a trip to the airport is no longer as quick and convenient as it used to be, a lot of these options just don’t make sense anymore. The silver lining, however, is that many of them are discovering that one of Canada’s most pristine and beautiful locations is less than two hours away.

Maybe it isn’t that Gleniffer Lake real estate is actually improving, but that more people are starting to appreciate what’s sitting so close to home.

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