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The “Bender Ender” Appreciation Day is Coming!

Have you been looking for an excuse to get out, eat some great food, and party with some fun-loving people to celebrate the end of the summer season? Then we’ve got good news: Our “Bender Ender” community appreciation event – now in its seventh year running – is just a week away!

As always, we will be arranging and sponsoring a meal to be held at the local community hall, and even limousines to shuttle guests both to the event and right back to their doorsteps. You might not ever have a better time, or one that’s so easy, safe, and convenient. We’ll have a DJ, a magician, and lots of great food and discounted drink coupons on hand. We are expecting more than 300 people this year, however, so be sure to get in touch with us and get your tickets early. They are only $20 (to help us cover some of the costs of food, facility rental, and limousines), and are open and available to any Gleniffer Lake residents.

A few of you have asked why we go to the trouble of putting on this event, especially so soon after our appreciation barbecue and the Gleniffer Lake garage sale where we gave away hamburgers, hotdogs, and hundreds of drinks (with the help of our friends over at Expert RV). The reality is that we just feel lucky to live and work here, and appreciate the chance to get to know all of you all summer long. So, before we all head back to work, send our kids back to school, and start thinking about the winter to come, let’s get together for one more great time in 2011!

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