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Do You Want a Vacation… Or a Second Home?

I talked to lots of men and women who are excited about the idea of buying a property in Gleniffer Lake, but have trouble making the final decision. After all, it certainly is gorgeous here, but there are also many nice lakes in British Columbia… Not to mention properties down south in the United States that could be warmer in the winter.

I can understand these points, and as the leading realtor in Gleniffer Lake I suppose I am biased, but my real question to them typically comes down to this: do you want a good vacation, or a practical second home?

What I am getting at is that, for all the beauty and wonderful things that come with owning a home in British Columbia, for example, or a nice spot in Arizona, these aren’t usually as practical as people would like to think. They are wonderful places to visit, but do you really want to deal with the travel, expense, and possible tax implications of constantly going back and forth?

When they really examine the issue, many people find that hitting the highway for five hours in each direction from Calgary or Edmonton makes it impossible to visit their “dream” home in British Columbia very often. The same goes for flights – and immigration routines – that accompany property ownership in the United States.

Do you really want to spend seven or eight hours – and pay hundreds of dollars – every time you visit a place you are supposed to be going to relax? Will you really arrive in British Columbia in the right frame of mind to enjoy your weekend, knowing that you still have a 5-hour drive back home waiting for you?

Most of the people I meet with, if they are honest with themselves, do not want to deal with those issues… Especially when great properties in Gleniffer Lake are less than an hour and a half away. It is one thing to enjoy a great vacation somewhere else, but if you are looking for a place you can come every weekend to spend time with your family, then it is hard to beat Gleniffer Lake real estate.

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