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What is Winter Like at Gleniffer Lake?

Many people I meet with who consider buying real estate in Gleniffer Lake assume that it is only comfortable to be here for a few months, or half the year at most. What they are often surprised to find however, is that there are actually a handful of people who spend the winter here… and that the winter is not necessarily the way you think it would be.

So what is winter like at Gleniffer Lake?

Well, the first thing you have to know is that it is cold. There is no way around that; like many parts of Canada, we get our share of -30° weather in January and February. Otherwise, however, it simply tends to be quiet and still. That might not be exciting if what you really want to do is spend time boating, or being outdoors with your children, but if you are looking for a chance to come up for a week – or maybe longer – and have things like the pool, hot tubs, and other facilities to yourself, visiting Gleniffer Lake in the winter could be your perfect chance.

Another advantage of this time is that it is perfect for getting away to do some thinking, catching up on work, or doing anything else that requires a little bit of isolation. While there are certainly going to be shops open and a few people around, you probably will not have to go very far to spend some time by yourself, if that is what you are trying to do.

Gleniffer Lake will probably never be very popular in the winter, especially when you think about what kinds of crowds we draw in the summer. Still, if you are thinking that nothing goes on here between October and April, you would be wrong – it could be the perfect place to get away and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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