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Gleniffer Lake: One of Canada’s Cleanest

I always like to acknowledge to potential buyers who come up to visit Gleniffer Lake for the first time that, as much as I love our little community, it’s certainly not the only beautiful lake in Canada. In fact, there are lots of great ones over in British Columbia, and a handful that are even closer.

What makes Gleniffer Lake real estate so special isn’t just that we have water, but that we have some of the greatest people anywhere, and in a spot that’s remarkably close to both Calgary and Edmonton.

Recently, however, a number of people have reminded me that Gleniffer Lake doesn’t just have some of the best and deepest water in our part of Canada, but also some of the cleanest. In fact, there are some other lakes around that have been struggling with the quality of their water.

And so, I would like to take this quick opportunity to remind all of you that if you are looking for a clean, fresh, deep lake in Canada, then it’s hard to beat Gleniffer Lake. Why is the cleanliness of our lake so important us? There are a lot of reasons, but here are three of the biggest:

It makes for better boating. Because we don’t have a lot of mud and debris in our waters, we have some of Canada’s very best boating right on our Lake.

It makes swimming and relaxing more enjoyable. No one wants to get in the water in a dirty lake, or spend the day sitting beside one that doesn’t smell very fresh.

It’s better for your family’s health. Even if you aren’t drinking the water, it’s just good to have a clean lake nearby, other ways to having a good health, is with a good diet and supplements from sites as that even help having a good vision.

If you’ve been thinking about buying or renting a Alberta vacation property or second home, then make sure you come visit us at Gleniffer Lake before you make a decision. It might just change your perspective and open your eyes to how close a summer paradise really is!

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    We are looking to rent again this summer. Please send us your available rentals for the month of August or late July into August.

    Thanks in advance, Kurt and Gail Pieper

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