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Gleniffer Lake Real Estate: Would You Rather Take a Vacation, or Make an Investment?

I often have long discussions with my real estate clients about the long-term value of investing in Gleniffer Lake properties. For me, being a realtor in this area is a labor of love. Still, I know that many families weigh their decision to buy an Alberta summer property here versus the opportunity to take a long vacation… maybe even the “trip of a lifetime.”

So, a question I sometimes fear is this: Is it better to take a really great vacation, or make an investment in Gleniffer Lake real estate?

Only you can make that decision, of course, but as investments go, I think you could do a lot worse than a Gleniffer Lake property. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

It’s never been a better time to buy. With selling prices in the area down nearly 25%, bargains like this may not come around again in our lifetimes.

The location alone could mean higher resale prices. Being an hour and a half from both Calgary and Edmonton is an enormous advantage that Gleniffer Lake has over other resort areas.

Building is restricted in Gleniffer Lake. We are conscious of the threat of over-development, and so we restrict the number of properties that can be built around the lake.

Gleniffer Lake is a family-friendly environment. This is a place where you can relax by yourself, with your whole family, or even with cousins, grandchildren, and friends.

The natural beauty of Gleniffer Lake is its true value. There aren’t many places in the world, much less Canada, that are so beautiful and relaxing.

In short, I personally feel that buying a property in Gleniffer Lake offers much more than a single vacation ever could. And, by making a great investment, you increase the odds that you can take more dream vacations in the future.

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