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One Thing Everyone Remembers About Gleniffer Lake

With wonderful weather, beautiful scenery, and more activities than you could ever try in an entire summer, there are plenty of things to love and remember about time spent at your lakeside property at Gleniffer Lake. And yet, when people come to visit us for the first time, we often hear about what an impression our “golf cart” system has made on them.

If you haven’t been up to Gleniffer Lake just yet, what you may not realize is that we don’t have cars on the streets in and around the park. Instead, what we use are golf carts – often, custom and stylish models – that we used to get around. The whole thing is quieter and safer than having busy streets, of course, but it’s also just lots and lots of fun.

It’s really one of those things that you have to see it to understand and appreciate, but you can get a sense of the good time we are all having by clicking here to check out some of our Gleniffer Lake photo galleries, featuring the best carts in town. In fact, last year we even had a “car show” where some of the residents could show off their rides. If you look closely, you’ll see our own yellow roadster that we give Gleniffer Lake real estate tours in, as well as miniaturized copies of Mustangs, Jeeps, and even Escalades.

When you see people happily zipping around on a car – or even letting their kids do a little bit of driving – you start to appreciate what the Gleniffer Lake resort community is all about. We come for the weather, the boating, golf, and all the amenities to be sure… but we also love to have fun!

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