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10 Things That Make Gleniffer Lake Real Estate So Wonderful

After more than 20 years in Gleniffer Lake, Alberta lake real estate, there are obviously a lot of things we love about it – both in the seting and the great people who live here every summer. But, if we were to pick just the top 10 that make buying property and spending time here such a wonderful choice, we think these would be the most important:

1. The weather. From April to October, it’s hard to find better weather anywhere, especially within driving distance from Calgary and Edmonton.

2. Having so much to do. People love the amenities like the trails, fishing, golf, tennis, local restaurants, and nightlife. There is so much to do, and yet you can try a little bit of everything at a relaxed pace.

3. Some of the best boating in Western Canada. If you like to spend your weekends taking the boat out on the water, then Glennifer Lake is the perfect spot for you.

4. Not having to drive. Everything is in walking distance, and lots of residents use golf carts to get around. That means no stressful commuting or traffic to worry about.

5. No city noises. A lot of people are so accustomed to hearing police cars, ambulances, and helicopters that they don’t even notice them… until they come up to Gleniffer Lake and realize they haven’t been so relaxed in ages.

6. Spending time away from worries. Sometimes, nothing is as powerful as a change of scenery. Just getting into the outdoors and nature can often be what you need to shake off stress.

7. Affordability. Because there are lots of different types of properties around the lake, there are properties that fit almost any budget.

8. A gated community. In our 20+ years around Gleniffer Lake, we have never heard of someone being worried about safety or security.

9. Building restrictions. The development around the lake was carefully planned, so you don’t have to worry about crowds, or watching lots of new construction spring up around your property.

10. The great community. As we’ve said before, even with all the other great things about Gleniffer Lake, it’s the people who make it special. Spend a little time here and you’ll make friends for life.

Come see for yourself what makes our community so wonderful. Click here to find out more about Gleniffer Lake real estate or make an appointment to speak with a member of the Paradise Realty team.

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