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Gleniffer Lake Recreational Property – A Great Investment

We like to think of the Gleniffer Lake recreational properties as one of the best secrets in Alberta real estate. That might be changing, though, with more media outlets – and home buyers – starting to take notice.

For example, we recently came upon a link to Alberta Venture ( which highlighted our community as one of the best to invest in for the future, comparing Gleniffer Lake to other areas hundreds of miles away. The author’s conclusion? That the location, amenities, and relatively low vacation home prices make available recreational properties in our area particularly attractive to those who want to see their real estate appreciate in value. As any homeowner can tell you, that’s an important factor when buying a property.

For those of us who already own houses around Gleniffer Lake, the news in the article might not have been necessary. For one thing, we already know what a great community it is (and in such a beautiful setting). For another, it seems that interest in available homes and lots has started early this year.

Usually, March through early April is reserved for preparing for the year ahead in our offices. In the past few weeks, however, we’ve already sold a number of units and are fielding questions, inquiries, and tour requests from several others. All indications are that this is going to be a very busy year in Gleniffer Lake real estate.

What does that mean to you? First, that now is a great time to be the rest of the crowd and look into buying an Alberta lake property, or to come rent a lake property for a while and see if you’ll love the area as much as we do. Second, that the experts think our location and setting make for a great investment opportunity. Why not buy something now that you can love for years, and possibly sell for more money later if you ever want to?

To find out more about available properties around Gleniffer Lake, simply call or e-mail our office today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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