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Why 2013 is Shaping up to be a Great Time to Buy Gleniffer Lake Real Estate

We have been in the Gleniffer Lake real estate business for long enough to know that, every once in a while, things just line up wonderfully for buyers. When that happens, there are lots of really fantastic properties for sale at reasonable prices. Although it’s still early, it looks like the summer of 2013 is going to be another one of those seasons.

What makes this year such a great time to buy that dream cottage or summer getaway? It really comes down to supply and demand – we have more properties than normal on the market, which means that asking prices are a little bit less than they normally would be (and probably a bit less than they should be, based on the value of the homes and lots themselves).

Even more important are the reasons that we have so many properties for sale this year. Although the community as a whole is still doing great, and Gleniffer Lake homeowners are enjoying a great start to the season, life sometimes gets in the way. Things like divorce, older children, and even the loss of a family member can all make it more practical to sell a property (or move into a different kind property). For example, a few of the owners we know would love to keep coming up to the lake all summer long, but they have high school-age kids at home that they don’t want to leave unattended. Others have grandkids who have moved away and are looking for smaller properties than the ones they own now.

In each case, that transition means a new home or lot on the market – and the chance for you to get a place you could love for years or decades to come at a great price.

To see what’s new in Gleniffer Lake real estate, or just hear more about available properties in the community in general, we invite you to call or e-mail the Paradise Realty team today.

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