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Gleniffer Lake Residents Celebrate Event Day and Pitch in For Flood Relief


A favor part of our calendar came around recently, when Paradise Realty held the 2013 Event Day – our form of a “customer appreciation” party for the residents of our great community. We had more than 400 people show up this year, which speaks volumes to the fun-loving nature of the men and women who come up to the area each summer to enjoy vacation properties.

It was a great time all around, with lots of fantastic food, cold beer, and even some tasty margaritas for everyone to enjoy. Other than the wonderful atmosphere and conversations, here were a few of our favorite highlights from the day:


Plenty of young faces. This year, we had lots of kids at the event enjoying hotdogs, face-painting, and a great day out in the open air. So, if you have kids or grandkids, make sure you stop by next year and give them a chance to join in on the fun!


The food, music, and company were top-shelf. Gleniffer Lake residents showed once again that they know how to have a party. Not only did a lot of the community show up to enjoy the occasion, but it was a safe, fun, and festive atmosphere as always. As beautiful as the setting is, we really think it’s the people that make our area special all summer long.


We found a way to give back while celebrating. Even though the day was about fun and games, we also found a way to chip in for the greater good. A raffle was held benefiting victims of the recent flooding in Alberta, and was a great success. Not only did one lucky winner go home with a little extra cash in their pocket, but we raised hundreds for flood relief.


If you haven’t been to the Gleniffer Lake Event Day yet, mark it on your calendar as something to see. It only takes a few minutes for you to see why we have such a great community, and why the real estate market for vacation properties in our area is heating up!

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