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One Thing That Makes a Gleniffer Lake Vacation Property So Great


If you have read our blog in the past, you already know that there are literally dozens of things that we think make Gleniffer Lake real estate so great, both for the perfect vacation property and as a long-term investment. In fact, we love to tell potential owners and renters about the location, the sports, nightlife, and other amenities, and especially the people that make our community so special.

But, as we were reminded recently, there is another reason to come to Gleniffer Lake that’s just as important – it makes a perfect place to get away from day-to-day life, and especially stressful situations.


This point was brought home in recent weeks, as flooding affected parts of Calgary. Although not many of our residents were affected directly, nearly everyone had friends, neighbors, or family members who were dealing with damage and loss. Having a Gleniffer Lake property to come to, or even to bring their loved ones to, was the perfect solution for many. It wasn’t just a break from the issues they were dealing with, but gave them a little bit of space, perspective, and peace to sort things out.


The floods of Alberta will pass, of course, but the fact is that there are always going to be parts of life that are a little bit stressful. Having a vacation property that’s just a short drive from Calgary and Edmonton – but that can still put you in an entirely different frame of mind – is something that’s literally priceless for a lot of our residents.


To see for yourself why having the right getaway can be so valuable, take a moment to look at our real estate listings and available rentals now. Or better yet, set aside a time to come and meet with us and let us show you around the area – it won’t take long, and it’s something you’ll be glad you did for years to come.

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