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4 Things That Make Gleniffer Lake Real Estate Unique


Sometimes, people who are just beginning their search for the right vacation property, or new to Gleniffer Lake real estate, ask us what’s so special about the area. In other words, why should they choose to spend their summers or free weekends here, instead of somewhere else?

The best answer to that question is going to be different for each person or family, of course. But what we usually tell them are the reasons that we chose to live and work in Gleniffer Lake so long ago, and why we haven’t regretted since:


1. It’s hard to beat the location. We’re just over an hour away from Calgary, and similar distance from Edmonton. That means that even if you live and work in the city, you can always find time to come up to Gleniffer Lake and enjoy your vacation property.


2. Gleniffer Lake has a variety of available property types. Whether you want a small lot or a large one, a tiny home or an RV space, we can help you find the location that’s right for you. You won’t find many communities with as many different types of available properties and lots as we have at Gleniffer Lake.


3. There are indoor and outdoor activities for just about anyone. With boating, fishing, golf, tennis, hiking, and both outdoor and indoor fitness centers within easy walking distance, there’s always something to do when the sun is shining. Add that to our busy nightlife, and it’s easy to see why our residents are always having a great time.


4. The people make our community special. As beautiful as the lake and scenery are, it really is the people who rent and own homes here who make the area so special. Visit us for even a short time, and you might start new friendships that last the rest of your life.


To find out more about Gleniffer Lake real estate, and why it’s such a popular place to buy or rent a vacation home, get in touch with us today. Or, feel free to browse our available listings with our convenient search tool.

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