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5 Tips for Finding the Right Vacation Property


Is there such a thing as a recipe for a perfect Western Canadian vacation home? While the needs that each family or person might have can be different, years of experience with Gleniffer Lake real estate has taught us that there are five things you should look for if you want that perfect weekend or summer getaway:

1. The vacation property that’s close enough to home. Although it can be nice to have a vacation property that’s far enough away that you feel you’ve escaped your day-to-day routine, you don’t want it to be so far away that it’s a hassle to travel to, either.


2. A property that suits your needs now, and in the future. One mistake people make in choosing a vacation property is that they don’t think far enough into the future. What will your family (and especially any kids or grandkids) look like in five or ten years? Will you still want the same kind of property then?


3. The right setting for your vacation home. Obviously, mountain settings, clean lakes, and forests are popular for the scenery. Also, you might want to be close enough to amenities without having to deal with things like traffic or city noise.


4. Neighbors and activities you enjoy being around. You can make lots of new friends at your vacation home, so it helps if you join the right kind of community. Plus, there should be easy access to things you enjoy doing, like boating, golf, or tennis, as examples.


5. The right price and strong resale value. Remember that your vacation property is also an investment, and things can change over time. Should you ever want to sell your vacation home, the right area with high property values can make all the difference.


For a lot of people in Calgary and Edmonton, the perfect vacation property is just an hour and a half up the road in Gleniffer Lake. Why not get in touch with us today to tour the area and see our available Gleniffer Lake real estate listings for yourself?

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