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Why Bare Lot Sales are Hot at Gleniffer Lake

While this was a very good summer season for Gleniffer Lake real estate in an overall sense, one particularly interesting trend was that bare lot sales picked up in 2013. In fact, while these types of properties have always been popular with certain types of buyers, we seemed to be finding more and more people coming up to look at vacant land all year long.

So, what makes Gleniffer Lake vacant properties so special right now? Here are just a few of the reasons buyers are snapping them up:


1. Bare lots mean flexibility. Although we have lots of beautiful homes for sale every season, it isn’t unusual for someone to come up to our community looking for the perfect dream home they’ve always had in mind. And in fact, it’s sometimes more convenient (and even more affordable) to build your dream vacation home rather than looking for one that already meets your criteria, or modifying another structure to get what you want.


2. They could make the perfect landing place for an RV. In the same way, there are lots that can sometimes be converted into RV stations, either temporarily or permanently. So, if you dream of bringing a motorhome up to Gleniffer Lake, you might have a place to park for years to come (or at least until your vacation property is finished with construction).


3. A vacant lot can give you a start on your dream home at a low price. In other words, having bare land can be a good way to reserve a spot for your future vacation home without spending lots of money. That can be especially important if you find the perfect place (for instance, one that’s near a certain friend or amenity) and want to be sure it doesn’t get away. Plus, with Gleniffer Lake’s limited construction policy, new spaces are at a premium.


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