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Gleniffer Lake Real Estate: Looking Back on a Busy Season


As another summer winds down in Gleniffer Lake, it turns out that our predictions were correct: This wasn’t just a busy year, but an extraordinarily active one. In fact, sales were up more than 30% around the community, and rental properties were snapped up at a record pace. We even got to see a local restaurant relaunched, and a few new amenities added to the trails and fitness circuits around the lake.

But, most of all, the high number of property sales and rentals were big news. With that in mind, here are a few things that caught our eye in Gleniffer Lake real estate this season:

Families enjoyed great weather at Gleniffer Lake this year. After a slow start this spring, the warmer temperatures brought families from Calgary, Edmonton, and even farther away. Time and time again, we were reminded of exactly why there is no place like our resort community on a warm, sunny day.

Outdoor activities were more popular than ever. Boating, golf, tennis, and even softball were all a big deal this year. In an age when so many of us seem glued to computers and smartphones, it was great seeing so many people – especially kids – out making the most of the sunshine, the setting, and their neighbors.

We saw lots of rental visitors and Gleniffer Lake RV traffic. Gleniffer Lake has long been popular with RV owners and weekend vacationers, but empty lots were especially popular in 2013. In fact, rentals regularly “sold out” one month after another.

There were early signs that 2014 is going to be a busy year, too. Based on the numbers of inquiries and advance rental reservations we are already taking for next summer, it looks like Gleniffer Lake real estate is going to be even more popular in 2014.

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