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Gleniffer Lake/Paradise Realty | Upcoming Events: Multi-Cultural Festival

Gleniffer Lake

As the spring thaw continues at Gleniffer Lake, we are beginning to prepare ourselves for multiple summer events. Our gated community has many options for recreation and entertainment throughout the summer months.

Regular recreational opportunities include fishing, boating, barbecuing on the beach, and much, much more. Most renters and owners have access to kayaking equipment, as well as our exceptional fitness facilities.

As most of our owners have come to know, Gleniffer Lake is far from lacking when it comes to summer activities. We pride ourselves on having a myriad of activities available for all ages and fitness levels.

The Cultures of Canada

In addition to our regular recreational opportunities, we organize a number of festivals and community-wide events throughout the summer months. June hosts a couple of fun, festive events. The first, aptly titled the Multi-Cultural Festival, is scheduled for Saturday, June 7th from 11 am to 5 pm.

This year’s event will be held at the Danish Canadian Cultural Museum and Gardens, which is located less than thirty minutes from Gleniffer Lake. The event gives individuals and groups the opportunity to present different cultures and organizations that exist in the surrounding community.

Quite appropriately, this year’s event will place a spotlight on Danish food in order to promote the Danish culture that is also displayed at the Danish Canadian Cultural Museum.

The museum and surrounding gardens contain more than 5,000 artifacts representative of traditional Danish culture. Additionally, visitors can enjoy authentic Danish cuisine and read stories about Danish Canadian immigrants and their early adventures in North America.

Fun for the Whole Family

At Gleniffer Lake, we encourage many of our summer visitors to attend the Multi-Cultural Festival. It is amazingly representative of the various cultures in the greater Alberta area. It also allows our visitors to more accurately understand the immigration history of our particular area of Canada, as well as of the Canadian country as whole.

 If you are planning on vacationing at Gleniffer Lake during the first few weeks of June, you shouldn’t miss the fun and educational events that take place at the Multi-Cultural Festival. In addition to a plethora of educational activities, the festival has plenty to keep the kids entertained as well.

 From face painting to scavenger hunts, a visit to the Danish Canadian Cultural Museum and Gardens’ Multi-Cultural Festival is bound to be fun for the entire family!

Need More Information?

If you are interested in learning more about the Danish Canadian Cultural Museum and Gardens, or wish to find more information about the Multi-Cultural Festival, as well as other events throughout the summer, please visit the museum’s website or give them a call today at 1-403-728-0019!

If you are interested in finding availability of home rentals during the month of June, or throughout any of the summer months for that matter, please visit our website to find a rental that suits you and your family’s needs.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-403-710-4559 or send us an email! 

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