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Spotlight: Phase Four Summer Rentals

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For many residents of the Greater Alberta community, a summer rental on Gleniffer Lake is highly sought after commodity. With the plethora or fun, physical, and relaxing activities available in the community, Gleniffer Lake is an ideal location to spend the summer with your family and friends.

For a lucky number of you, lots for sale currently provide some of the best long-term value available in the area. For those of you that might have a bit more of a limited budget, there are still a number of highly attractive rentals available in all phases of the Gleniffer Lake development.

Attractive Rentals in Phase Four

If you are considering a summer rental on Gleniffer Lake, you should consider these attractive rental opportunities located in Phase Four of the Gleniffer Lake development:

  • Lot 104

This two-bedroom cottage is able to accommodate a maximum of six people, but no more than four adults. The cottage has a great kitchen, covered decks in the front and back of the house, and a very homely fireplace. Additionally, this rental has a dishwasher and washer/dryer combo, and even comes with a gas powered golf cart to get you around the community.

This rental has a two-night minimum and rent includes all utilities and full access to all amenities available at the resort. Our golf course is open to the public and fees apply. For more information on requirements and prices for this rental, please view the full listing here.

  • Lot 53

Much like Lot 104, this two-bedroom rental is capable accommodating a maximum of six people. However, as Gleniffer Lake is a family resort, groups of more than four adults must be authorized prior to arrival by Paradise Realty.

The master bedroom in this rental boasts a queen-sized bed while the second bedroom is furnished with double bunks. In addition, a hide-a-bed with a bi-fold slide leaves the opportunity to create a third bedroom for larger groups. This rental also has a two-night minimum and rent includes all utilities and full access to all amenities.

For more information on this rental, please visit the full listing here.

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An additional bonus is available for renters interested in renting for two weeks or more. Interested parties will receive a 25-dollar gift certificate, per week, to be used at the General Store or Landing Restaurant upon arrival. You will receive your first gift certificate during your second week at Gleniffer Lake.

No matter what exactly you are looking for, we are confident that you will find it here at Gleniffer Lake. We have a wide variety of options available for renters and buyers alike and our sales team is committed to helping each and every interested party find exactly what you are searching for.

If you are interested in a specific rental property or wish to gather more information about potential rental opportunities available at Gleniffer Lake, please visit our website today!

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